Empress Minion Set 太后迷你隨身包

NT$ 450.00


愛吃好東西的你一定會超愛這個多種口味的辣醬。 每一瓶的味道獨特,搭配了各式各樣的餐點都好吃。從漢堡到便當甚至加到牛排上,太后的醬料能夠讓你更享受每一餐,每一口更驚喜!現在有了迷你組 ,讓你可以無限的辣上癮。可愛的袋子裝超適合送禮,帶到辦公室,吃宵夜,只要你想要太后都可以陪你   

3 distinct flavors for all kinds of meals from Eastern food to Western food, Empress' sauces are here to make each bite a brand new experience... now in Mini Size! Perfect to carry in your bag, gift to friends, leave at the office - these adorable Empresses will go wherever you need them to!

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