Ghost Pepper Maqaw 鬼椒馬告 辣醬

NT$ 280.00


獻給我們最辣的朋友們!這就是在24小時內搶光的辣醬, 她又現身了   
發酵一個月後的鬼椒搭配了台東的馬告做出鮮豔又爽辣的口感 - 味道絕對十足,給愛吃大大辣的朋友們最滿足的辣感!

Our Spiciest Sauce... yet

Sold out in 24 hours,  this sauce is making a comeback this Christmas!  We sourced the best Ghost Pepper on this island and fermented it for 1 month for depth of flavor. And of course, like all our sauces - we don't just end at the heat.

We bring that sauce complexity by adding fragrant Maqaw Peppers from Taidong for brightness. Enjoy this Ghost Pepper sauce on seafood, rice bowls... or just anything that you'd like to turn the heat on!

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