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  • 辣太后 Empress Hot Sauce |

Find Excitement in Every Meal

Unapologetically Delicious, Spicy, Addictive.
創意新辣醬 - 全天然 、不含油、無添加物 - 無負擔!

Naturally Fermented with local ingredients.
All Natural, Vegan-Friendly.
Small Batch, Handmade in Taipei with love. 

每一瓶都是手工製作, 健康發酵,不痛的辣醬。

  • 辣太后 Empress Hot Sauce - Taiwan Mangoes Transformed

    Taiwan Mangoes Transformed

    "Love the sauce, we pair it with all our meals. The spice level is great." - From Priya in Taiwan

    Taste the Mango
  • 辣太后 Empress Hot Sauce - Naturally Sweet Comes  with Heat

    Naturally Sweet Comes with Heat

    "dammmnnnn! Now that's a really unique flavour! " - From Siam in Taiwan

    Taste the Pom
  • 辣太后 Empress Hot Sauce - Pineapple Sweet with Miso Comfort

    Pineapple Sweet with Miso Comfort

    "Delicious flavour, perfect balance of spice, sweetness and savoury notes" - Jack in Taiwan

    Taste the Pineapple Miso